The Establishment of "Hapoel"

"Hapoel", Is the largest sport association in Israel and was founded as an organization of the Histadrut – "The General Union of Labour in Israel". Its goals are cultivating health, physical culture and sport among workers.
"Hapoel" Sport Ascossiation, stands behind its branches and sport groups around Israel and supports its member's athletes. It holds many sporting events among them is the "Sportiada" – the main event of the workplaces sport league, which featured thousands of worker sportsmen. In total, More than 1000 youth groups of different types of sport, and more than 300 adult groups and 700 sport unions are operating under "Hapeol".

On April 1924, a group of workers from Haifa, has founded a soccer team and named it "Hapoel". In the beginning, the group joined to "Maccabi Haifa" sport club but withdrew it on August 1925.
On May 15th 1926, Hapoel's founding council convened and established the basic framework for a national sport organization. Its logo, painted in red, presents a sportsman inside a sickle and hammer - the symbols of socialism. The slogan that was: "Sport for the people and champions".

In 1927, Hapeol joined the International Labour Sports Confederation, and by the End of the Decade, there were already several H groups in Palestine, Groups with Socialist affinity, in contrast to Maccabi's groups that had more "bourgeois" characteristics. In The thirties, there was an increase in the numbers of Hapoel's branches, which reached to tens with more then 10,000 members, as well as participating in world tournaments.
At that time, During the Coming Jewish state, "Hapoel" was also a cover for the existence framework for a military youth training - Hapoel Squads, such as the "Palyam" (Marine squad). One of its activities is the failed underground operation in Syria, (which was under French control), in order to sabotage oil Refineries and help the allies during WW2. During the Operation, the Ship "Lavi-Yam" (sea lion), was disappeared along with its 24 warriors.

In 1934, "Hapoel Tel-Aviv" Team won the Palestine championship, which was the first significant title, given to a team of "Hapoel".

During Munic Olympic Games in 1972, 11 members of the Israeli delegation were brutally massacred. Among them were nine sportsmen and referees members of Hapeol.

The names of the XI Munich Massacre victims are:

Moshe Weinberg - (wrestling coach)
Yossef Romano - (weightlifter)
Ze'ev Friedman - (weightlifter)
David Berger - (weightlifter)
Yakov Springer - (weightlifting judge)
Eliezer Halfin - (wrestler)
Yossef Gutfreund - (wrestling referee)
Kehat Shorr - (shooting coach)
Mark Slavin - (wrestler)
Andre Spitzer - (fencing coach)
Amitzur Shapira - (track coach)

In The early eighties, Hapoel was at its Peak with more than 200 titles in various sports types, And during Hapoel Games events in 1983 and 1987, where more than 1600 athletes representing 30 states. In 1992 during Barcelona Olympics Games, The Israeli Judoka, Oren Smadja, member of Hapoel Be'er Sheva Judo club won a bronze medal. In 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Michael Kalganov Won a bronze medal in Kayaks and Shany Kedmi and Anat Fabrikant Had reached the fourth place in sailing and on 2004, during Athens Olympic Games, Gal Friedman from Hapeol Sedot Yam, won a Gold Medal in Mistral Windsurfing, and become the first Israeli, who has ever achieved that Medal.

In 2004, "Hapeol" Jerusalem Basketball team, won the European ULEB Cup and was the second basketball team, to win a European trophy. In 2007, Hapeol Katamon Jerusalem F.C was founded and was the first Israeli Fan-owned football club in Israel. Later that year, similar group in basketball was founded, named "Hapoel Ussihkin Tel Aviv B.C".