The Sportiada

The Sportiada is Israel's Largest and most significant sport for all events and considered to one of world's Largest, and it is the final and the Major sport event of the workplaces leagues. Each year, more than 9000 workers, Couches and leading sportsmen, are taking place in the Sportiada and participate within their teams in various sports such as, soccer, basketball, women's basketball volleyball, sailing, mini football, tennis, table tennis, Swimming, Bridge, chess, mountain biking, shooting and backgammon.

The League, gives the worker an appropriate expression of his desire to engage sports activities during his free time and giving the opportunity for competitiveness and achievements.
Sport for all activity has an utmost importance maintaining a social strength, and it reflects the Social perception that guides Hapoel and the Histadrut.
For many years, Hapoel is investing considerable effort and resources in encouraging development of teams and athletes in the workplace and sees the Sportiada games and the highlight of this important social activity.