Hapoel Veterans Organization

Hapoel Veterans Organization is a voluntary body consists of Hapoel's past athletes, activists and members in different branches and sports throughout Israel. Its primary goal is to maintain contacts between them and Hapoel and to hold a general meeting each year.

Currently, the organization has about 600 active members who constitute the living body the organization is working for. Among members of the organization are leading Israeli athletes who represent Israel in many international sports events such as Europe and the World championship, The Olympic Games and CSIT.

In the Past, the organization, in the head of Mr. Raphael Fanon, was called "The National Committee of Hapoel veterans". Today its managed by a wide board, composed of the following members and meets several times during the year.

Before any Festive gathering, a special committee is convened to choose the winner to be granted at the annual meeting convenes during Hannukah. The organization initiates the distribution of information about "Golden age" suitable sports activities, and informs its members about special holidays and recreation vacations deals to allow the veteran member healthy activity during relaxing fun.

This is the place to mention that it has become a tradition to send greetings cards to the members on their birthday.

Members of Hapoel Veterans Organization Management

  1. Nimrodi Jacob - Honorary President
  2. Moshe Waldman - Chairman
  3. Avigdor Dagon - Secretary
  4. Aharon Ofek
  5. Ran Aldema
  6. Asher Balut
  7. Emanuel Ben-Amram
  8. Raya Bronstein
  9. Prof. Uri Goldburt
  10. Prof. Uri Glynn Geller
  11. Rahamim Doron
  12. Shmuel Dror
  13. Shiki Katz
  14. Ilana Lusting
  15. Pinni Peled
  16. Yitzhak Frenkel
  17. Dr. Shlomo Keidar
  18. Micha Shamban
  19. Pinhas Shmueli