Hapoel Sport Association

The first club of Hapoel Sports Association was founded in Haifa in 1924. It was later followed by the Tel Aviv club, which was on established May 15, 1926. The Tel Aviv club later proceeded to become the location of the first major conference of the sports association.

Hapoel Center was founded by the Histadrut General Federation of Labor, and was initially headed by David Ben Gurion, who later became the first Israeli prime minister. Since that time and to date, many additional clubs, approximately 350 in number, opened across the country.

Hapoel Sports Association supports the clubs and their teams and athletes across the country.

The association is an active operator and supporter of national sports events, the Sportiadas, as well as marathons, cycling races, walkathons, swimming competitions, triathlons and the like.

It provides ongoing support to the workplace sports associations, 15 in number, where more than 24 thousand workers are active participants in competitions and leagues of over 15 sports branches.

Hapoel Sports Association carries out and supports, and is partner in, the various major sports events held annually in various regions across the country. It also provides backing to various sports for all activities such as MamaNet, the mothers' cachibol league, and the Israeli Minifootball Association.

The association assists various organizations in the operation of a plethora of sports events played by disabled and special needs citizens and workers across the country. Most celebrated are the co-operations with tandem cyclists, bowling players, visually impaired runners and the like.

As noted previously, Hapo'el Sports Association assists and consults clubs and its own various branches both on professional topics and in financial and organizational matters, while the gist of its activity is the development and establishment of a variety of new sports clubs.

Hapoel Sports Association provides financial and organizational assistance to Israel's accomplished athletes, while supporting those athletes' local Hapoel clubs. Athletes from these clubs join Israel's national teams and are sent to represent the country in the Olympic Games and in World and European championships, thus spearheading Israeli sports.

Hapoel's representatives in its affiliated sports organizations act as solid representatives of the various sports played in the country and abroad. Four representatives of Hapo'el are acting board members in the Olympic Committee of Israel, among whom are union chairmen at Hapo'el who hold various positions in sub-committees of the Olympic Committee of Israel.

Hapo'el Sports Association is a member in international workplace sports federations such as CSIT, EFCS, and the WFCS. Its representatives are co-managers in these unions and in their committees.

The headquarters of Hapo'el Sports Association is located in the city of Tel Aviv.